It is not always easy to attract the attention of sponsors and investors when it comes to launching an engineering project.

There are a few interpersonal skills that might come in handy at an engineering event where many prospective investors are likely to make an appearance. ATS 2020 provides some great advice for speaking to potential investors and sponsors.

Focus on Punctuality and Presentation

Punctuality and presentation are critical when it comes to speaking at an engagement. This shows the audience that you’re paying attention to their needs and interests. The goals and mission of the engineering project need to be emphasised during the presentation. These little gestures go a long way to creating a good first impression.

Utilise Social Media to Advertise the Event

Focus on selling yourself to an audience and not the engineering project. Engage with potential investors or sponsors on social media before the event. This can encourage people to attend your talk or presentation.

Using social media networks can also help people to make more connections. Presenting the engineering project should be about listening, providing value, and engaging with the audience.

Identify The Types of Investors or Sponsors you Need

Try to get a good understanding of the types of individuals you would like to speak to at the event. These people need to have a certain passion for an engineering project. This will make it easier for engineers to generate leads and that the right individuals will attend the event.

Understand what the audience is really looking for and refine your speech to align with the interests of the audience.

Use Presentation Software to Engage with The Audience

Presentation software can be utilised to enhance your presentation. This will make your talk more engaging. Use the advances in technology to improve the way you interact with prospective investors or sponsors.

Talking to investors or sponsors about your engineering project will take some practice, but studying leading speakers is a wonderful place to start. Find out more about speaking at engineering events here.