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The ATS 2020 network is all about providing prospective engineers with the tools and resources to succeed in the competitive world of engineering.

This site highlights reasons why residential engineering projects need to incorporate features like healthcare, education, and recreational attractions to improve the quality of life for citizens.

Discover why designing green spaces in urban areas will help citizens live a more active and fulfilling life. Read how these spaces can be designed to improve the quality of life for citizens in a residential environment. The bustling city life can be highly stressful, but green spaces allow people to get away from the noise of the concrete jungle.

Listen to experts by accessing the latest YouTube channels to learn a little more about the latest trends and technology in engineering. Learn how to cope with your studies as an engineering student and find an area of study that you can invest all your time and energy in.

Access reputable online sources like Google Scholar and social networks to stay in the loop with all that is going on in the world of engineering. Find valuable information about the field that you would like to specialise in. Online channels like ResearchGate are also a trustworthy source for journal articles and resources.

Learn about the benefits of attending an engineering event. Enrich your knowledge about all the relevant aspects of engineering in which you are interested. These events are a fantastic way to network and interact with individuals in the engineering sector.

There are many ways of getting a scholarship or sponsor to help you with an engineering project. Learn how to talk to the right people in the engineering industry. Practise your charisma skills to deliver a good presentation.

If you are keen to start a career in the engineering industry, you can equip yourself with these resources.