Engineering organisations could use online resources and correspondence to further their research. Online platforms will allow scholars and professional engineers to engage in collaborative discussions online.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar works like an online browser that can be utilised to identify sources and articles that are available to the public. Informative articles can be obtained by accessing libraries online. Individuals may need to be a student of a respective engineering institution before being allowed access to the library.


Here, engineers are given the option to upload essays, conference papers, journal articles, and engineering data to an online database. ResearchGate currently boasts more than 15 million verified scientists.

Engineers can even see the number of times their papers have been cited, read, or viewed by other users. Professional engineers can sign up for free to get access to these research papers online.

Social Networks

Researchers could use social networks to annotate and discuss ideas at engineering facilities around the world. Social networks or chat groups that focus on engineering allow users to download journal articles and files in a private group. These networks can promote the use of citations in research papers or journal articles. allows users to synchronise their data and contacts with Google and Facebook. This site allows users to design a personal profile where they can follow peers and other researchers. Users can share papers, messages, feedback, and view analytics on papers that were published.

There are a variety of reputable online resources for researchers to tap into online. These sites provide individuals with a few alternatives to meeting peers or lecturers in person. The online space has made it easier to collaborate with peers, experts, and fellow engineering enthusiasts around the world.

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