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YouTube Channels

Find the best YouTube channels online to watch and listen to professionals in engineering. There are hundreds of exciting engineering channels to choose from.


Lesics or Learn Engineering is hosted by Sabin Mathew, an engineering postgraduate from Delhi. It was launched on 4 December 2012, and it has more than 4.5 million subscribers.

The goal of the channel is to provide quality engineering news and education. Their videos are designed to create a passion for engineering, clear misconceptions, and explain complicated technologies to prospective engineers.

The Engineering Mindset

The Engineering Mindset was launched in 2015 by Paul Evans. The goal is to support engineering enthusiasts in their quest to learn more about technical engineering topics through short tutorials.

The channel aims to become the main learning tool for all aspects of engineering. Their videos minimise technical jargon while using detailed illustrations and animations to help convey engineering knowledge.

Real Engineering

Real Engineering is a great YouTube channel for anyone interested in engineering. The show was launched on 12 September 2013. Watch videos about the latest technologies that discuss a variety of engineering concepts. Apart from theory, the channel is helpful for engineers to increase their practical knowledge. is a widely trusted source for professional engineering content, intending to inspire engineering professionals to reach their potential. The channel also has a blog with the same name. It consists of science and engineering technology videos. This channel is helpful for every engineer who wants to learn more about the industry.

The engineering industry is made up of different areas of expertise. Follow channels and information that you are passionate about. Access and subscribe to these engineering channels to get the most updated details, news, and information about the engineering industry.